Kirtipur, Kathmandu

Mid-day Meal Program


Implementation of the National Midday Meal Program at Community Schools of Nepal


The research Project entitled 'Implementation of National Midday Meal Program in the Community Schools of Nepal' is now in the implementation phase led by Dr. Devaraj Acharya. The Government of Nepal (GoN) has introduced the National Mid-Day Meal Program (NMDMP) as part of this comprehensive nutrition plan to reduce undernutrition among community school-age children since 2020. The project aims to asses the national midday meal program, which is primarily supported/funded by Government of Nepal. The research project is national representative covering 22 districts from all provinces including mountain, hill, and terai coving both rural and urban areas. The project is supported/funded by the Research Development and Coordination Council, Office of the Rector, Tribhuvan University. A mixed-methods case study design has been followed in this research and guided by CIPP model/system theory [context, input, process, output]. The research covers both basic and secondary community schools.