Kirtipur, Kathmandu

Dr. Kamal Kumar Poudel


A PhD in functional linguistics from TU, Prof. Kamal Kumar Poudel (PhD) is a Professor in English Education, and has had an experience of 26 years in teaching linguistics, ELT and research methodology courses to graduate and post-graduate students of education, and chiefly in researching at CERID for the last 2 years. He has also developed need-and-skill-based courses in the English language during his service at Mahendra Ratna Multiple Campus (MRMC), Ilam (2052-2070 B. S.) and Mahendra Ratna Campus (MRC), Tahachal, Kathmandu (2070-2078 B. S.). Within this period, he underwent a tenure as the Assistant Campus Chief and, thereafter, as the Head of the Department (HOD) of English Language Education at MRMC, Ilam.  Moreover, he has had considerable experience and expertise in ELT-specific as well as generic trainings for teachers and researchers-teachers of higher education on writing and publication (see ‘Experiences’ section for details). He is also the author of dozens of works – research reports, articles and book chapters - related to these fields, and has got published both nationally and internationally from noted ranked journals and publishers (see ‘Publication’ section for details). He is currently working at CERID as the Principal Investigator (PI) of Pedagogical Inputs through Online Mode and their Effects on Students’ Achievement in the Context of COVID 19 Pandemic: A Case of Higher Education Institutions in Nepal, a national priority area research project signed with T. U., Office of the Rector, Research Directorate (see ‘Experience’ section for details). Besides, he is the coordinator of the Journal Publication Committee formed at CERID and a nominated member of TU, Office of the Rector, Council for Research and Development, representing CERID. He was awarded the Raja Roy Singh Prize for the year 2080 B. S. by CERID in recognition of his excellence in research and institutional performance.

Upper four qualifications; latest first

SN Institution Degree/Level Year Major/Specialization Subject(s)
i. TU PhD 2077 (2021) Functional linguistics (Title: Bussiness-Situated Oral Nepali Explored Through English-Based Functional Concepts: Implications for Language Teaching)
ii. TU, Kirtipur M.Ed. 2051 (1994) English Education
iii. TU, Kirtipur B.Ed. 2048 (1991) English Education; Nepali Education
iv. TU, MRM Campur, Ilam I.Ed. 2044 (1988) English Educatio; Social Studies

Employment record (relevant only; latest first)

From            To               Designation               Institution                     Assignments                    Type of employment                     Nature of employment

2080/11/08    To date        Professor                   CERID, TU                    Research (PI), journal publication (coordinator)                    Permanent    Full-time

2073/10/03    2080/11/07   Reader (continued)      MR Campus, Tahachal    Teaching                    Permanent    Full-time

2072/12/10    2073/10/02   Reader (started)          MRM Campus, Ilam       Teaching                    Permanent    Full-time

2070/10/21    2072/12/09   Lecturer (continued)    MR Campus, Tahachal    Teaching                    Permanent    Full-time

2058/03/03    2070/10/20   Lecturer (continued)    MRM Campus, Ilam       Teaching and Administration (ACC & HOD)                    Permanent    Full-time

2053/02/02    2058/03/02   Teaching Assistatn      MRM Campus, Ilam       Teaching                    Temporary    Full-time

I. International category

SCImago Ranked /Impact factor

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II. National category

Research-based: peer-reviewed

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Books/book chapters

  • Poudel, K. K. (2019). Nativizing English as a foreign language with local linguistico-cultural expressions: Classroom applications and wider implications. In Welch (Ed.) Foreign language teaching and learning: New research. Nova Press: New York.

Research reports

  • Poudel, K. K. (2016) Glocalization of English vis-à-vis Nepali linguistico-cultural expressions: Classroom and beyond (Mini- research report). Research Management Cell, Mahendra Ratna Campus, Tahachal, Kathmandu (Funded by Mahendra Ratna Campus, Tahachal, Kathmandu).
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  • Acharya, K. P., Poudel, K. K. & Ghimire, C. K. (2022). A Qualitative Study on the One-year B. Ed. Prgoramme of Tribhuvan University: Exploring Evidence for Policy Implications. Submitted to Tribhuvan University, Office of the Dean, Faculty of Education.
  • Poudel, K. K. (2023). English as a career subject in Nepal: Expectations, achievements and reflections (A mini-research report). Submitted to RMC, Mahendra Ratna Campus, Tahachal, Kathmandu.